In Order of Appearance Edit

  • Dragoon Lagoon - A port (and literal dock) town, this is home to Strack and Traze. Also the home to many different types of people and cultures. Here is where Traze met the rest of the group through a fight against thieves, and everyone met Hardback the Speaker. Soon after, the gang was given the task to explore a cave and investigate some strange events, where they met Lancel and found the mirror. The mirror had magical properties, allowing it to give people items, like giving Anise the magic telescope, giving her the ability to see the unseen. Also, the mirror gave Traze a compass, Windsgar a dope bowler hat, and Anael a magic box that turns into a ship.
  • The Turtle - Former location of scientific experiments, now owned by Marlowe, and essentially the main form of transportation for the group. The Turtle is a submarine that is - unsurprisingly - shaped like a turtle.
  • The Village of Ygg - An old farming village with a long history with the nearby city of Oduun. Formerly the sister community of another farming village, but after a raid, their sister village was destroyed. Home to a people of exclusively humans with the belief of nonviolence and tradition. Also the home to a "branch" of the Yggdrasil, The World Tree.
  • The Bizarre Bazaar -
  • The Swamp -
  • Gamma Outpost -
  • Udun -
  • Luckstone -
  • Apo O Ka Malamalama Kai -
  • The Sklegs -
  • "Cat Island" -
  • Ambul Nador -